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Rad Roast Coffee

Our mission is to empower coffee farming communities towards sustainable livelihoods.

We believe that coffee can be a powerful tool to change lives if sourced and marketed well. Billions of people drink a cup of coffee and each day, and millions of small-holding farmers work the fields to grow and harvest coffee. But the coffee farmers rarely see the profits from their hard-work. Our mission is to change. We believe that coffee farmers deserve livable and equitable wages. By working with Radical Love Inc, we’re able to use our profits to give back to the communities which grow our coffee beans.

We purse our mission by sourcing ethically-traded, environmentally-sound coffee beans from developing nations. All our coffees are certified to ensure our coffee farmers earn an equitable and livable wage. Coffee beans are roasted in Northwest Ohio in small batches to ensure high quality, delicious flavors distinct to the beans origin. Our coffees are then delivered fresh to shops, markets, and homes.

Current Origins: Mexico, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua

Interested in purchasing our coffees for your shop, store, or chuch?

  • Contact Info: Justin Burdine (justin@radicalloveinc.org)
  • Mailing Address: PO BOX 12492 Toledo, OH 43606

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