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Get Involved

RLI works to help communities develop sustainable livelihoods. We view missions our opportunity to empower people to change their situation. And we’d love to give you the opportunity to get involved!

1. Food. We are passionate about food. Good, nutritious, and local foods. We want to provide people with resources to purchase, prepare, grow, sell, and consume food. Terms like food justice, food security, and food sovereignty provide a framework for what we hope to do. We believe food is a basic human right, and food access is imperative to a sustainable life. We hope to help communities grow food in gardens and farms using , and to educate people on methods for storing and preparing nutritious foods.

We are passionate about coffee. We actually roast and sell coffee from México to fund a lot of our operations. Coffee is a major export commodity that employs millions of Mexican workers, and the coffees we sell are certified fair trade and organic. This ensures workers receive equitable wages, and that their working conditions are just. 

2. Education. 

3. Health


p style=”text-align: justify;”>We’d love for you to volunteer and get involved with one of those areas.
If you have any experience in the following areas, please get in touch with us:

  • Graphic Design. We’re always looking for cool graphics for social media & t-shirts
  • Coffee. Purchasing, roasting, selling, marketing, etc. We need you!